CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) – Metal detectors have officially been installed in Champaign high schools.

The school board approved buying them for Central and Centennial to add an extra layer of security.

The new machines were installed over the holiday break. Tuesday, students were greeted with them at the door of both Central and Centennial, and they’re going to be permanent fixtures.

Parents of high school students got an email from the district last night warning them of the changes. This is something parents have been advocating for for months.

Robert Wood has a daughter at Central. He said it was time the school took measures to help stop the violence.

“I’m glad. There were a lot of fights the last couple months, and I feel like they need to do something else to try to stop it,” Wood said.

There are several extra steps students have to go through before going through the metal detectors. Like having their Chromebooks out, their IDs hanging on lanyards and easy to see, and making sure their hoods are down.

We reached out to Champaign school district to see how Tuesday morning went. They said the process was smooth, there were no lines, and students started class on time.