MACON COUNTY, Ill. (WCIA) — Nearly a year of police car break-ins is coming to a close for Central Illinois. Macon County Sheriff’s deputies arrested three men for breaking into and stealing guns from police vehicles.

During an August 25th theft, a pair of Apple air pods were taken. Authorities were able to track those to an apartment in Decatur. Police found a stolen shotgun and ballistic vest from the Macon County Sheriff’s office. This led them to their first suspect, 19-year-old Blaine Manks.

They said Manks ran away, but he was found days later at a Sullivan apartment along with second suspect, 20-year-old Parker Wallace.

Officers said they found three stolen police weapons at that apartment. A Glock 17 from Macon County Sheriff’s office, a Citadel 19-11 from Decatur police department and a Sig Sauer from Morton police department. 

The third suspect, 18-year-old Cameron Edwards was found at an apartment in Cerro Gordo. Two AR fifteens from Menard County and Springfield were also at that apartment found behind a false wall and in a hole in the floor.

Sergeant Flannery said these three targeted police cars or cars that looked like police vehicles.

“We had to work with guys from Morgan County, Peoria area, Sangamon county, our guys, Decatur police department and all our detectives had to work together to say yeah okay this happened on this date which means that likely happened on this date. Once they kind of had all the puzzle pieces put together they could sit back and look at it, ‘well that’s how it happened,'” said Flannery.

Because the crimes took place in several jurisdictions, he said these young men are in for a long experience.

Authorities said Edwards made that even longer when he decided trying to escape an interrogation room. They said the 18-year-old climbed on a table and tried climbing through the ceiling. Officers said even if he made it through, an escape was impossible.