(WCIA) — Consumers who shopped at several retailers over the weekend found a surprise on their bank statements when they discovered they were charged several times more than they should have been.

Customers at Meijer, Lowe’s and Starbucks reported encountering an issue in which their card swipes did not complete the transaction. When they checked their bank accounts later, they discovered their transactions had been duplicated.

WCIA reached out to Meijer, Lowe’s, Starbucks and Chase Bank for comment. Meijer responded with the following statement:

This past weekend we experienced issues with our credit/debit card processing due to a technical issue with our processing partner, Chase Bank. While the issue has been resolved, we realize it caused tremendous inconvenience for some of our customers and we sincerely apologize for that. Chase has assured us that many of the customer accounts have already been credited, and any remaining affected customers should receive their funds in the coming days.

Meijer Spokesperson

Chase also responded to our request for comment, saying:

“We are very sorry for the inconvenience this caused our merchant clients and their customers.  As of 3 pm CT on May 21, card processing was restored.  Our teams are working on reversals of any duplicate transactions.”

Chase Spokesperson

Starbucks and Lowe’s did not respond to our requests for comment.