CHAMPAIGN-URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — “Not knowing what this vaccine entails. I think that’s the biggest thing if I had to point to one thing that was hindering individuals,” Aaron Brown, 4th year medical student, said.

That’s why he’s going out in the community to teach people about the covid vaccine.

Medical students in Champaign-Urbana are working to get vaccines to underserved communities. They’re sharing information about the shot, while also advocating for it.

Students at the Carle Illinois College of Medicine tried to plan a vaccination event earlier this month. Not enough people signed up so they had to cancel, but that isn’t stopping them from reaching back out.

“Talking to some of my family and friends and seeing how the pandemic affected them. That’s kind of what pushed me to do this here,” Brown said.

One medical student is trying to administer the covid-19 vaccine to underserved communities.

“I’ve always been a proponent of looking out for underserved communities because that’s where I come from, low income communities so that’s kind of what pushed me to try and put this together,” Brown said.

Aaron Brown is a fourth year medical student at the Carle Illinois College of Medicine. Besides studying and working in the hospital, Brown is also trying to help his community.

“We’ve just kind of advocated for by, some of my classmates went out to different locations, try to go to different restaurants, reached out to churches, just to try to spread the word about getting vaccinated and how important it is,” Brown said.

Brown has been trying to set up vaccination clinics for people in the communities that are most in need.

“We are most affected. Black and brown individuals so that’s kind of why we, well I, and some of my classmates and the organization I’m in we pushed to do this,” Brown said.

Brown’s most recent vaccination event was canceled. There wasn’t enough interest, but he’s partnered with the Don Moyer Boys and Girls Club in Champaign to hopefully put on another event soon.

“It’s a great opportunity. The Don Moyer Boys and Girls Club has a mission of serving those in the community and providing access to the community to make sure that everyone has equal opportunities,” Charles Burton said.

Charles Burton is the Director of Operations at the Don Moyers Boys and Girls Club. He wants people to have the opportunity to learn more about the vaccine.

“What we want to provide is experts to be able to communicate with individuals in the community and give them not opinions, but detailed information,” Burton said.

Burton and Brown both say its all about giving back.

“What we’re trying to show them is that by them getting this vaccine or by them taking this step, it’ll help everybody in their community,” Burton said.

Brown is working with a team of about 40 students and administrators. He’s hoping to put on a health fair in September at the Boys and Girls Club.