MCORE phase 4 making progress


UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS (WCIA) — Watch out if you’re on campus. Streets and sidewalks are blocked for construction and students aren’t always following the new signs.

It’s part of the MCORE construction. It’s on Wright Street and Armory. Construction started March 4.

They started rerouting people Tuesday. Now several routes which use Wright Street are rerouted in one direction.

The UI campus is getting a little noisy and the scenery is changing too.

“They’re tearing up sidewalks right now and getting ready to take care of some sewer and tear up the street.”

Fences guarding equipment on the streets are all proof MCORE is in its fourth phase of construction. The campus project will improve transportation.

“We understand it, short-term pain, long-term gain. We’re not doing this for nothing. It’s going to be great in the end.”

Signs popping up tell students where to walk. They let drivers know which streets are going in one direction. But, if you’re not paying attention, you can miss them.

“People are everywhere. Just be careful.”

Students say they have to add more time to their regular commute.

“Especially if I’m driving to class. It can be hard to find a parking spot, especially considering all these meters are bagged.”

“It’s a big hassle, but if it’s improving the campus, I really don’t mind that much.”

It’s not going away any time soon. Phase four should continue until the end of the year.

“Be on the open sidewalks please. There’s a lot of construction fencing and all that, please stay out of the way of construction.”

Over the summer, they’ll close Wright Street altogether so the re-routes will change again. It will be pushed to Goodwin. When students return, it will go back to the way it is now.

The next phase is the fifth and final. It will be from Wright Street, north of Green, to Springfield. They will also do Green from Busey to Race in Urbana.

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