MCLEAN COUNTY, Ill. (WCIA) — More than a decade ago, Cropsey native Kelsey Allonge rescued a horse that was near death. Now, she’s continuing the mission she set out on all those years ago.

Allonge’s connection with horses dates back as far as she can remember. Thirteen years later, it’s still stronger than ever.

“At the end of the day you really don’t have any control when you’re working with them,” Allonge said. “They could hurt you if they want but that bond that they choose to have with you, there’s nothing like it.”

It’s not exclusive to Central Illinois. The McLean Co. farmer’s love for horses led her to a facebook group earlier this year looking for more horses. That’s when she found one in Texas that needed help. 

“I was honestly just looking to get a normal, not injured or sickly baby but I saw her come across.” Allonge said.

Allonge rescued the horse from a Navajo reservation. When she got there in August, the horse was in pretty bad shape. Her right leg, wounded. She was sore and underweight. But that didn’t stop Allonge from giving her a second chance. 

“I can give her a bath, pick up her feet, brush her,” Allonge said. “I have to change her leg bandage everyday. So, she hasn’t really had a choice, she has to do what I want with her.”

Lisa Schroeder , a Navajo friend, connected with Allonge through her sister and helped give the horse a name: Nazbah.

“It means a woman warrior that came from war because she fought her way, she fought her way through a kill pin,” Schroeder said.

Once Schroeder knew where Nazbah came from, she was all too familiar with her story.

“Horses are sacred to us,” Schroeder said. “There’s stories behind these horses that they’re really scared. And I think that’s why this touches me.”

Schroeder knows there are more in texas that need help but she’s thankful Nazbah wound up in the care of someone like Allonge.

She’s going to do good here and she’s going to live up to her name,” Schroeder said.

Allonge said Nazbah is much better since she arrived two months ago. Once she’s fully back to health, Allonge plans on keeping her as her own horse and continue to give her the love and care she deserves.

“When she wants me there as much as I want to be there, there’s no words to describe that feeling,” Allonge said.