Mayoral candidate launches campaign


URBANA — The race for mayor is down to two people, and one of them says it’s clear why the other was chosen. On Tuesday night Diane Marlin won the Democratic nomination. Her challenger says Republican voters gave her an edge.

Rex Bradfield didn’t really need to kick off his campaign until now. He says that’s because there was no Republican ballot for the primary election. Despite that he says there was a big republican turnout for the Democratic primary. The candidate says it’l be interesting to see how those voters think a month from now.

As Diane Marlin clinched the Democratic nomination for mayor it seemed like the end of a campaign. 

“I’m looking forward to being done campaigning and being able to move forward,” she said. 

The next evening her only challenger, Rex Bradfield, says his event feels more like the start of one.

He says, “I hope to get some people here, and I didn’t expect very many.”

This is Bradfield’s third time running for mayor. He says he originally ran  to make Urbana less dependent on property taxes. That’s still a pillar of his platform, which he says is similar to Marlin’s in several ways. Both say they want to reduce property taxes, create new business and jobs, reduce crime, and improve Urbana’s cultural life. Bradfield thinks the similarities reflected the results in the Democratic primary.

“Her margin of victory was is not reflective of how many Democrats voted for her, but more likely how many Democrats and a lot of Republicans.” 

After the win Marlin said, “The thing I’m proudest of is we gave voters a choice.” 

This is the first time Bradfield won’t face outgoing mayor Laurel Prussing. He says change is necessary in Urbana. With a month until the election he hopes voters will listen closely to him and his opponent.

“I congratulate Diane and I’m looking forward to hearing what she’s got to say,” says Bradfield. 

Bradfield says this will be his third and final time running for mayor, that is, unless he wins. The republican says he’ll hit the ground running Thursday looking for donors and volunteers as well as upping his social media presence. 

Outgoing mayor Laurel Prussing had some comments after last night’s primary. She started a Facebook post congratulating marlin on her win. Prussing wrote: “I enjoyed my time as mayor and look forward to continuing to work as a private citizen for sustainable 9-1-1 funding and to keep the Police Training Institute at the University of Illinois.”


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