Mayor starts stay at home spirit challenges


DANVILLE, Ill. — Mayor Rickey Williams Jr. is challenging Danville and Vermilion County residents to participate in his online ‘spirit weeks’ for during Govoner JB Pritzker’s stay-at-home order that went into effect Saturday.

In a Sunday Facebook post, he announced two stay-at-home spirit programs: one, an all-ages Spirit Week for people to post online pictures relating to the daily theme; the other will honor heroes still serving the local community during the pandemic. For the latter, Williams is encouraging children staying at home to draw pictures of their favorite local hero, or instead write them poems or thank-you notes. He also posted a picture of his father, who can “nearly still button” his Westville High School letterman jacket.

Williams said he hopes it will help lift people’s spirits and create and sense of pride and unity in the community. He added, “Obviously being stuck inside is not fun for everyone.”

He also encouraged participants to not go out to a store and buy anything for their submissions and to instead use things they can find at home. For example, for their challenge’s United States of America Day this Wednesday, if people don’t have anything to wear at home that has the national flag printed on it, instead they can wear clothing colored red, white or blue to show their patriotism.

“If everyone goes to Walmart all at once to get a sports jersey, we’re defeating the purpose,” he said in a live Facebook post.

Other days might not involve wearing something. On World Awareness Day, Williams said people should post pictures from outside the USA, or souvenirs they collected while traveling.

“I hope that you’ll participate in some way,” he said, “I hope that this will make you smile. Just remember that we’re all in this together.”

Ashton Cook, posted the following photo of her “bonus daughter,” 7-year-old Lilee Shepherd of Georgetown, presenting a photo she drew of a McDonald’s restaurant while in Danville.

The schedule for the all-ages Stay at Home Spirit Weeks can be found in the following Facebook post.

The schedule for the Honor our Stay at Home Heroes challenge can be found in the following Facebook post.

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