Mayor speaks about Officer-involved shooting


DECATUR, Ill. (WCIA) — Early Saturday morning there was an officer-involved shooting in Decatur.

It happened just after 2:30 am, a police officer tried to pull over a car after a routine traffic stop but the driver tried to run. The officer started chasing the suspect who then turned around and shot the officer, sending them to the hospital. Decatur Mayor Julie Moore-Wolfe said it feels like a bad dream.

“This is the kind of nightmare that mayors don’t want to have, ” said Wolfe

Wolfe said with all the other recent officer-involved shootings she’s thankful her officer is okay

she said, “In this case, we are very very lucky that our officer is going to be okay.”

Wolfe said being a police officer has become more dangerous.

“Right now it just seems like anybody is willing to shoot a police officer, and this has got to stop,” said Wolfe.

She is not the only one who thinks that. Community activist Elijah England said he is ready for the violence to end.

“We’re getting worse you know within a week it’s been a 3-year-old and now a police officer,” England said, “I read the report and it was just shocking kind of details. The fact that he never even fired his weapon says kind of a lot, I mean he basically took a bullet for Decatur.”

He said it’s going to take more than just the police to fix the problem.

“I think the first step is being open to the police and if you see something you need to say something,” said England.

He said he hopes no one is next.

England said, “We’ve had two shootings now in a week. It could be your three-year-old, it could be your relative that works in the police force, it could be your neighbor down the street. I mean anybody is a free game at the moment.”

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