BEMENT — Pat Tieman started cutting hair more than 20 years ago. The iconic face that’s all over Salon 101 has been around a lot longer than that.

He’s got a collection of things connected to Marilyn Monroe. Ever since he moved into the Marilyn Monroe house in town, people started giving him stuff, like articles about when she visited, pictures and collectibles.

Tieman hasn’t always been a big fan of Marilyn Monroe, but the longer he cuts hair, the more his love for the blonde bombshell grows.

“Most beautiful actress ever,” said Tieman. “Why wouldn’t I?”

You could say Tieman’s collection started accidentally. He moved into the house where Marilyn stopped in when she came to Bement for the village’s centennial celebration.

“She came to the home, she took a nap there, she rested up and soaked her feet because she was sick the day she came,” said Tieman. “She had a kidney infection so her ankles had swelled.”

Now he knows that piece of history forward and backward. People started giving him plates, statues and other pieces with her picture. His shop reflects his passion.

“I had so much stuff that I didn’t have room to put it all at the house,” said Tieman.

Marilyn’s timeless looks are all over the salon. Some people even use her as inspiration for their own do’s.

“She’s the spokesperson for sexy hair now,” said Tieman. “She’s on the can. She’s on the products, so you still have people who come in who want that hairstyle. It’s coming back actually. It’s making a comeback, which I like, of course.”

As the mayor of Bement, the salon also serves as unofficial office hours.

“You get to meet new people all the time and you get to see the people you do every week,” said Tieman. “You have friendships and we have a fun time in here. We like to give each other a hard time and yet, they get to be boss and they know.”

By the time they leave, people have shorter hair and a bigger appreciation for the style icon.

Marilyn got paid $500 to make that appearance. We’re told she was very interested in seeing the Bryant Cottage, where Abraham Lincoln had been, while she was there.