CENTRAL, Ill. (WCIA) — Roads were blocked off in Mattoon and Gays because of damage.
The mayor of Gays Dwayne Miller said he found out the tornado was close because he was watching the severe weather coverage.
Miller said, “I was following the news. Jacob Dickey was on the highway heading this way. He said he saw the tornado hit F-S”
That was only the beginning for Miller.
“I come out on the porch it got really quiet. There was no rain no wind anything and a lot of lightning,” said Miller
That prompted him to take cover.
Miller said, “I told my wife to get in the closet because she had surgery so she can’t get in the basement,” he said, “I went to the basement and it wasn’t three minutes later at the most the basement door came flying up back down and it sounded like a train was coming through the house.”
After everything was over he went around and checked on other people in the area he could get to.
“I come upstairs and I just kind of started coming around start checking on everybody and make sure everybody was okay,” said Miller
His neighbors were out of town Friday night. When they got home they were surprised.
“We were going down to Branson and we just got home, and our boys called and told us in advance that we were going to have a mess to come home to,” said Miller’s neighbor George Floyd.
The village itself suffered minor damage to houses and fences.
It was another story for the rural houses that were stuck directly in the tornado’s path.
Roofs were ripped off and grain bins shredded to pieces and scattered across fields.
Leaving many without a house to live in. According to the national weather service, there were no injuries or deaths reported as a result of the tornado.