URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — Christie Clinic Race Weekend is just days away and people are revving up their preparations.

There’s going to be a Youth Run, 5K, 10K, and marathon relays this year, but regardless of the distance USA Track and Field Master Athlete Benjamin Clark-Davis said rest and recovery should be taken as seriously as training.

Clark-Davis’ goal has been to hit at least 65 miles per week or 10 miles a day, but he said that’s only half of the work. He makes sure to get a full nine hours of sleep a day, a clean diet, and plenty of hydration. He added prepping for the recovery is just as important as the run.

He said making sure to keep the blood flowing, staying consistent, and getting proper rest is the key.

“Don’t get discouraged. Just because you can’t run a full mile doesn’t mean you can’t finish that mile. When I say finish… just walk it out. Okay, and we’re taking steps to your fitness,” said Clark-Davis, “Do not compare yourself to other people’s fitness level. Because we all have different levels of fitness.”

He says getting an app to keep up with your progress is a good way to stay motivated and on track.