CENTRAL ILLINOIS (WCIA) — Schools are taking differing approaches to the temporary restraining order that a judge issued against Governor Pritzker last week in regards to the enforcement of mask mandates in schools.

Some have already announced that masks will be optional starting Monday; some will consider making masks optional in the coming days; and some will continue to require masks to be worn.

Shiloh Community Unit School District in Hume announced over the weekend that masks will be optional starting Monday. The email parents received said that a majority of Shiloh’s Board of Education members made the decision in light of recent court proceedings, but the outcome of future court proceedings may result in its mask-optional policy being reversed.

The Board of Education at Charleston Community Unit School District plans to hold “discussion and possible action regarding COVID-19 mitigation strategies” at its meeting on Tuesday.

The Pritzker administration is appealing the judge’s ruling, saying mask mandates are essential at keeping schools open and keeping people safe.

The uncertainty of future court proceedings is the reason why Community Unit School District 7 in Tolono is keeping its mask policy in place, along with the fact that the district is not currently involved in the lawsuit being decided in court.

“To act on something that could be reversed and does not include our district at this time would be reckless of my behalf and will only cause more frustration if we need to reverse direction for an action taken at this time,” Superintendent Andrew Larson said in a statement. “What I do not want for our Unit 7 family is to have to move between litigations for the pandemic based on political decisions being made in and out of a courtroom.”

Champaign Unit 4 School District, Urbana School District 116 and Danville School District 118 also kept their mask policies in place because they too are not involved in the lawsuit. Decatur Public Schools also kept its mask policy in place while Springfield Public Schools is “encouraging” students to follow mask rules.