MAROA, Ill. (WCIA)– The storm may be over, but several homes were damaged, and the aftermath will take days to clean up. 

“It was crazy,” said Beau Laswell. “It was crazy something that I definitely wouldn’t want to live through it again.  

Laswell and his family were in their home went things went from quiet to loud  

“Hearing the alerts go off hearing the sirens go off,” said Laswell. “Obviously, sheet metal that you see in the yard wrapped up here on the pole you could hear it hitting and everything so just wood metal just straight wind is what you heard.”  

He says it was traumatic. 

 “Just trying to get everybody downstairs trying to get everybody safe and hearing everything hit the back wall of the house,”  

 His neighbors houses were also affected.  

 Carole Embry says she watched the tornado fly past her home, then she heard it hit a silo, part of which ended up on the side of the road. 

 “It just went bam, and then you can hear the metal twisting, that’s about what you could hear, and I thought oh my goodness, it’s on the ground it’s hit something,” said Embry. 

 Sheet metal from the silo also wrapped around people’s yards, brought broken glass, and junk with it.  

“There’s quite a bit of damage, so it’s definitely going to be a long road of getting the house repaired and getting it back to normal,” said Laswell.  

 We spoke with the Macon County Sheriff’s Office earlier tonight, they were not aware of anyone getting hurt, but we will bring updates if we receive them.