Marlin wins Democratic primary for Urbana Mayor


URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — With 100% of the precincts reporting in Champaign County, Mayor Diane Wolfe Marlin has won the Democratic primary.

The general election is in April, however, no Republicans ran for mayor in the primary this year.

1,465 (73.62%) of Democrats voted for Marlin on Tuesday. Dennis Roberts took 337 (16.93%) votes, while Yinxi (Andy) Ma earned 188 (9.45%) of the votes.

“This is the weirdest election night I’ve ever experienced,” Marlin said with a laugh, referring to her Zoom press conference. She went on to thank her volunteers and supporters.

“Local government, I think, is the most important government in many ways,” Marlin said. “It’s what’s affecting people’s lives.”

Marlin first took office in 2017. She noted the entire election cycle over the last several months has been unlike anything she’s experienced before, citing issues such as the global pandemic, challenges to election results in November and the attack on the U.S. Capitol in January.

“As I noted during the campaign, our top priorities are going to be to continue to focus on the health and well-being of the community during the pandemic, and as we continue to navigate the pandemic, focusing on testing and supporting residents and businesses in the long-term recovery from the pandemic,” Marlin said. “I think we have to focus on people’s mental, physical health, our economic health in the community.”

Marlin said moving forward, she’d continue focusing on first-term priorities such as investing in infrastructure, redefining public safety, addressing issues related to structural racism and emergency responses especially related to mental health.

“One of the areas of focus moving forward is going to be public safety and police reform,” Marlin said. “We are re-writing the Use of Force policy right now.”

She also cited Urbana’s joint resolution with the NAACP to adopt the 10 Shared Principles for building trust between communities and police departments.

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