Man risks life to save dog from well


COLES COUNTY, Ill. (WCIA) — A man risked his own life to save his dog’s.

Mark Deremiah adopted a 9-year-old Pomeranian named Boy this April. He was at his family’s old farmhouse in Ashmore when he heard his dog barking and splashing in water.

He ran outside and realized Boy had fallen into a well below the porch. He immediately crawled into the well to rescue him.

“I tried to think fast of what to do,” Deremiah said. “I had a sledgehammer there. I broke off some bricks to get to him and crawled in backwards into the well to try to rescue him and had to do the Spiderman crawl.”

Deremiah was able to hand Boy over to his wife, but then he slipped back into the well. Rescue crews got him out, but he suffered from hypothermia and needed CPR.

Deremiah was rushed to a hospital unconscious. Doctors warned his family that if Deremiah did not wake up within 48 hours, he could suffer brain damage. He woke up in 12.

“He woke up the next morning to walk the dog which was pretty miraculous,” his daughter, Cristy McKeller said. “It was amazing.”

Deremiah said his only injury is chest pain from CPR.

“I’d rather have a sore chest than a coffin,” Deremiah said.

Deremiah may have saved his dog, but in return, McKeller said Boy helped him recover.

“Just having the dog here making him get up and move around and taking him on walks is really good,” McKeller said.

Deremiah said despite the danger, he would do it all again in a heartbeat.

“How could you turn a face like that down?” he asked, petting his dog.

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