Man petitions for speed bumps in neighborhoods


TOLONO, Ill. (WCIA) — There is a growing concern about cars speeding in the neighborhoods of Tolono.

A man who lives in the village started a petition to ask the city to install speed bumps on the streets.

A video from a family’s surveillance camera shows a car blowing past a stop sign and going over the speed limit. Some said reckless driving happens too often and they want the Village to do something to prevent it, especially for the safety of their kids.

“It worries me every time they go out knowing that people are going too fast,” said Ryan Hastings. “That’s why I think speed bumps would help. They could put signs up saying that there are speed bumps there. Naturally, people can’t go fast over them and it makes people aware of what’s going on around them.”

The man who started the petition plans to present it to the village board at the meeting at the end of the month.

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