Man looks for answers after items stolen from storage unit


BONDVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — A man is begging for answers after someone broke into his storage unit. They took almost everything that was inside, including some things he said can never be replaced.

It happened Saturday. He is trying to spread the word so police can get more tips. There are currently no leads on who did this.

The man’s main concern is not just the fact that he lost stuff he paid for. It is that a lot of it held a special place in his heart.

“I had a bunch of books and stuff here and clothes,” said Johnny Martin while going through the unit. “A set of speakers over here. Christmas decorations over there in the corner.” But now it is all gone.

“I don’t know why they took what they took. It’s pathetic,” said Martin.

It held everything from speakers to Christmas decorations to 37 years-worth of CD’s he had collected. But he said his biggest concern is not how much any of it cost him. It is the special place they held in his heart. “Even if I did have insurance, and they give me $15-, $20,000. That’s cool, but I would rather right now have my stuff back. I don’t want $15,000.”

Martin plans to do what he can to get some of it back. “I’m gonna hit the pawn shops. I’m gonna go crazy. Champaign, Danville, Rantoul,” said Martin.

“My CD’s. They could be strung out everywhere,” stated Martin. “My main thing I’m looking for right now is my two sets of speakers and one digital camera that I have…They’re all three unique.”

He said more than anything, he just wants answers. “If I was to get every single thing back, I’d probably just take it back and we’d have some words and just say, ‘Why’ is my big thing. Why?”

The Champaign County Sheriff’s Office said they think this is an isolated incident. In other words, whoever did this did not do it to anyone else. But they are asking anyone who knows anything to come forward.

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