Man hospitalized after hit and run


DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — “You leave somebody in the street. You know, you didn’t check on him or anything,” Chris Collier, from Danville, said.

That has neighbors upset after a man was seriously hurt in a hit-and-run. Danville Police are looking for the driver involved in the crime. It happened last night on Williams Street and Fairweight Avenue.

Multiple people who live on those streets say cars are constantly speeding down the road. They say it’s unsafe for drivers, bikers, people walking, and people living there.

“Its very hard for all of us. I mean he’s got cousins that live down the street. He’s got friends all over Danville,” Lori Rouse, Danville resident, said.

Lori Rouse knows the 29-year-old man who was seriously hurt in a hit and run near this intersection. Danville Police say witnesses saw the victim riding a motorized bicycle when he was hit from behind. The vehicle then sped away and the victim was sent to the hospital.

People in the neighborhood say this isn’t the first time something like this has happened. Back in August, Sean Dye was killed after a crash between his motorcycle and another vehicle.

“He passed right here. He passed right here. Its a shame they just had another one. Its ridiculous because you see people flying down this street all the time,” Collier said.

Chris Collier lives right across the street from where his nephew passed away. Every day he sees this memorial and hearing about the hit and run that happened just a few feet away, hits too close to home.

“How do you just leave somebody in the street? That’s crazy. To his family, I’m praying for him. I heard about it and it just hit me hard. I’m like again,” Collier said.

Now, neighbors want action.

“Speeding on this road is very dangerous. They speed all the time. I’ve actually a long time ago tried to get people to put up signs and stuff and its not happening,” Rouse said.

“I would like to see it to where they change it to where these cars have to do the speed limit or they get fined. If they don’t get fined, they don’t get a ticket then what’s the point of having a speed limit,” Jarrell Schueler, Danville resident, said.

They hope to spark a change so they don’t have to put up any more memorials of lost loved ones.

Danville Police described the vehicle as a dark-colored Hyundai with the driver’s side front end damaged. If you know anything about this hit and run. You are encouraged to call Danville Police at (217) 431-2250 or Vermilion County Crime Stoppers at (217) 446-TIPS.

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