SHELBY COUNTY, Ill. (WCIA) — On Monday, the Shelby County jury found a 48-year-old man guilty of aggravated assault in connection to an incident that happened in 2021.

According to officials, Erik M. Ray was arrested on February 5, 2021, after he confronted the victim and the victim’s wife, who were his neighbors, in their home about statements they allegedly made about Ray’s dog. Ray was agitated and verbally threatened them during the encounter. The victim told Ray to leave the residence, but when Ray was walking onto the porch, he quickly turned and attempted to re-enter the home. The victim then pushed Ray, causing him to fall from the porch. Ray stood up with a large knife in his hand and attempted to stab the victim in the stomach, cutting the victim’s shirt. Ray was also armed with a black revolver but did not display the weapon during the encounter.

Police located Ray at his home after following footprints in the snow. Ray retrieved and surrendered to police officers the revolver and knife that he possessed at the time of the offense. The revolver was loaded with 6 unspent rounds and the knife was a 6-inch fixed blade Frost Cutlery Flying Falcon Rambo-style knife. Once at the Shelby County Jail, Ray’s shoes were photographed and compared to the matching footwear impressions discovered in the snow.

Ray has a prior DUI adjudication and was previously convicted of two driving while suspended cases, illegal possession of ammunition and possession of drug paraphernalia. All previous offenses were committed in Christian County.

Ray is expected to be sentenced on June 13.