Man found dead in roadway


Latest: 5:10 pm, 2/27/17, Monday  

OAKLAND — The man whose body was found along a road in Coles County has been identified. The coroner says 42-year old Michael Hoskinson was the victim. State police are investigating this as a possible hit-and-run. 

The suspect vehicle may have driver’s side damage, broken driver’s side headlights, and possible hood damage. Large headlight fragments left at the scene of the crash could possibly be from a 2009 – 2012 sport utility vehicle, most likely a Chevrolet Traverse, Buick Enclave or GMC Acadia.  

Anyone with information, should contact authorities.

Illinois State Police
(217) 867 – 2050 
Update: 4:30 pm, 2/27/17, Monday

OAKLAND — A body was found along the road, but so far, he hasn’t been identified. State police are investigating how he got there. It happened near the intersection of Danville Road and East Blevins Street.

It’s not known how he died. Police were called out for a body found near a road, but how it got there is still under investigation.

Neighbors say it’s left them with more questions than answers.

“It’s real quiet around here most of the time. Very seldom you hear anything going on.”

But, that wasn’t the case Sunday morning.

“Had my driveway blocked off. Neighbors all blocked off, so everybody used my front yard to go through.”

State police were called to Oakland for reports of a dead body.

“Yesterday morning, at approximately 6:14, the state police was contacted in reference to a deceased male that was found in the roadway.”

The man was found not too far from David Miller’s home.

“Just on the other side of them trees, laying in the yard, edge of the yard.”

Police have not said how he died, but some in town say the man may have been hit by a car.

“I’m surprised it happened, but sometimes, the way they drive up and down this road, you know, it could happen easily.”

State police have a reconstruction team working the case and are determined to find out the cause of death.

“We’re waiting on an update of the autopsy that was scheduled for this morning.”

Miller says this stretch of road is usually quiet, but sometimes drivers race by and don’t obey the speed limit.

“Supposed to have a 25-mile per hour speed zone in town and that’s otherwise posted and I’ve seen them run up and down this road 40 – 50 miles an hour.”

The coroner has not given an update yet from the autopsy, but it was scheduled for Monday morning.  

Original: 4:15 pm, 2/26/17, Sunday

OAKLAND — State police are investigating a man found dead in the roadway.

It happened near the intersection of Danville Road and East Blevins Street.

A traffic reconstruction unit is working on the case. Anyone with information is asked to call state police. 

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