CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — A COVID-19 outbreak at a senior living facility in downtown Champaign has the residents living there on lockdown.

Inman Place, located at the corner of University Avenue and Walnut Street, is dealing with 13 cases, and one of the people living there, a former Champaign Police officer, has died from COVID complications.

“It just makes you realize how life-changing it is, especially having lost one of our residents who we really enjoyed,” said Director of Marketing Cindy Johnson.

Donald Blankenship was 88 years old when he tested positive on a Tuesday; his daughter Ellen Pohlman said that he became confused and disoriented as a result.

Pohlman said her father chose not to get vaccinated, and on Sunday, he passed away.

“I think the hardest part is that it happened so fast and I didn’t get to be bedside with him,” Pohlman said. “When you’re a person of faith you just know that somebody else has a bigger plan, and you just have to trust that everything happened for a reason.”

She never got the chance to say goodbye to her dad. Now Pohlman wants to remind people that just because COVID-19 mandates have been lifted, it doesn’t mean vulnerable populations are immune.

“On Sunday, we made the decision to put everyone into basically what what we call lock down,” Johnson said.

Johnson further said that staff at Inman Place are taking all precautions, which is why residents are in lockdown.

“Meaning they can’t come out of their apartments,” Johnson explained. “We serve three meals a day, so they are getting their three meals a day, we’re just taking it to their apartments.”

Johnson said that since the start of the pandemic, Inman Place has kept all protocols in place, like wearing masks, taking temperatures and social distancing.

“It’s just really sad and unfortunate, but that’s what happened,” Pohlman said of her father’s death. “It’s no fault of anybody; it’s just how it happened. But there’s people out there, positive, still traveling and I just ask, go home.”

A concern Pohlman has now is finding a place to get free COVID-19 testing. Julie Pryde of CUPHD said to reach out to your local pharmacy to see if they have free testing.