Man charged in wife’s death has history of violence


CHRISTIAN COUNTY, Ill. (WCIA) — A man charged with domestic assault after his wife fell to her death is due in court Wednesday. Police say a recording on Allissa Martin’s phone detailed an argument between her and Bradley Jenkins before she fell from the 7th floor of a parking garage in St. Louis.

According to Jenkins’ history, his physical aggression didn’t start with this incident. There’s a stack of court documents from previous battery convictions showing he’s been in and out of court a lot and he certainly has a history of violence.

Court records show it started in May 2012. Jenkins was charged with felony aggravated battery for punching a woman twice in the face at a bar. The charge was later changed to misdemeanor battery.

“If nobody as seriously injured, everybody makes mistakes.”

George Vargas is an associate attorney for Steigmann Law PC. He was a public defender for 13-years and he says anger management is a common form of sentencing when you’re talking about physical aggression.

“I have seen where a felony would potentially be amended to a misdemeanor, but there are always conditions. You’re always going to have to do like anger management, perhaps substance abuse evaluation, mental health evaluation.”

Jenkins pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 18-months probation. Anger management wasn’t a condition of his sentence. Five years later, Jenkins was once again charged with felony aggravated battery after punching someone else at the same bar, fracturing the man’s nose and sinus cavity.

“First time it happened, okay. Second time, you’re dealing with somebody who has a propensity for violence and so, if I had been the prosecutor, granted, I don’t have the facts, but I would be reluctant to give this guy another break.”

Court documents show a special prosecutor was appointed because the state’s attorney is friends with Jenkins’ uncle. He’s also related to another friend of the state’s attorney.

“Could it have been to his advantage? Maybe, I don’t know, but it doesn’t matter where the prosecutor comes from. You should want to do justice and protect the public and do the right thing.”

For the second time, Jenkins’ charge was reduced to a misdemeanor. He pleaded guilty to battery May 9, 2017, and was once again sentenced to 2-years probation. It means he would’ve gotten off probation May 9 of this year. Less than a month later, his wife fell to her death.

“Whoever handled the second case, explain why you gave this guy a sweetheart deal and you didn’t make him take this class, that class or maybe why you didn’t make him a felon if he, at that point, he deserved it.”

Jenkins is charged with third degree domestic assault in St. Louis, which is the least severe felony charge in Missouri and carries a maximum four years in jail. Officials say the charges could change once the results of Allissa Martin’s autopsy come back.

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