URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — A man from Danville has been arrested after he allegedly pulled down a female University of Illinois student’s pants last week as a prank.

Kasey Hollis, 29, was arrested Friday on a preliminary charge of aggravated battery and was taken to the Champaign County Jail. He was also issued a trespass notice for all U of I property, meaning he can be arrested again if he returns to campus.

Officers with the U of I Police Department said they received a report on Aug. 7 from a student who said a man had approached her from behind, grabbed her pants near the knee area and pulled on them. He immediately ran away, knocking her to the ground; she was not hurt.

This incident happened in the 100 block of South Goodwin Avenue. Security cameras in the area captured the incident on video and got pictures of the man and the car he was driving. The car’s information was then uploaded into the local automated license plate reader system.

On Friday, a UIPD officer received a report from the system that the car had been spotted by an ALPR on U.S. Route 45 heading into Urbana. The officer responded to that area and saw the car entering a gas station on North Cunningham Avenue.

Hollis, the passenger at the time, was identified by the officer as the man present on campus, helped in part by the distinctive tattoos on Hollis’ arm that were seen in the security camera footage. Upon questioning, Hollis admitted he was present on campus and the prank was the result of a dare or bet.