Murder suspect released from custody


CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA)– A man accused of murder is no longer in custody. Darrion White was arrested last year in connection to the murder of 16-year-old David Sankey in Champaign.

In 2018 David Sankey was shot in the head near his home in Champaign’s Garden Hills Neighborhood. Darrion White who was 19-years-old and Jaquaveon Faust who was 22-years-old were both arrested in connection with the murder. The Champaign County Jail says Darrion White is no longer in custody.

The sheriff says White was sentenced to Illinois Department of Corrections on an unrelated Champaign County case. The sheriff’s office says because of COVID-related procedures, they turn in paperwork to IDOC when the person is sentenced. However, it might take several weeks before IDOC accepts the person into the facility. They said this can become complicated to keep two lists, a “virtually sentenced” list for IDOC and a list where IDOC has approved the physical transfer of an inmate. The two lists might not have the same inmates. Before COVID, they were regularly transporting sentenced inmates to IDOC and the paperwork was submitted at the same time.

Because White had been in custody for several months, he was released from IDOC with time served when he was finally accepted by IDOC. When there is a pending case, a “detainer” is put on a person so IDOC knows not to release them when they are eligible for release through IDOC. The sheriff’s office says in this case, there was a miscommunication between the time when White was on the “virtual list” and when he was physically taken to IDOC, which resulted in the detainer not being applied. “It is unfortunate that this breakdown in communication occurred. We are now dedicating our resources toward apprehending the suspect and helping reduce the chances this will ever happen again,” said Dustin Heuerman, Champaign County Sheriff.

A warrant was obtained for White as soon as they realized he was released. The sheriff’s office says they have also been in contact with IDOC Parole and U.S. Marshal to get White back in custody. Lindsey Hess, Public Information Officer for Illinois Department of Corrections said “Darrion White was transported to our Northern Reception Center from Champaign County Jail on 11/13/20. By the time he was received by IDOC, he had already satisfied his sentence and was released the same day. At that time, White had no outstanding warrants.”

The Champaign County Jail says Jaquaveon Faust is still in custody.

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