BEMENT, Ill. (WCIA) — People were surprised when they did not have to pay for their pizza at Mama T’s on Thursday evening.

“The lady just showed up and said she was with the University of Illinois Credit Union and was doing a C-U kind day and reaching out to different businesses,” said Tara Garrett, the owner of Mama T’s. The woman handed Garrett a $100 gift card to pay for people’s food.

“I was shocked; I had no idea it was happening,” said Garrett. She said she was able to compensate four people’s entire orders, and three more received partial payments.

“Everybody was very surprised and very appreciative of it, ” said Garrett.

For the past three years, Garrett has been the owner of Mama T’s. However, she has worked at the restaurant under different names for the past 24 years.

Before Mama T’s, it was: Makin’ Pizza, Mama B’s Pizzeria. When Garrett started at 15, it was called Charlie’s Pizza in a different location.

The current location of Mama T’s is 144 South Macon Street in Bement.