Making (and keeping) fitness resolutions


CHAMPAIGN — With the drop of the ball, we go from filling up plates to filling up the gym. When many people make those New Year’s resolutions, they start with a step on the scale.

“Everybody seems to want to be here and get in shape, the New Year new me kind of thing,” said Mason Vanhook who works at The Fitness Center in Champaign.

But personal trainer Josh Brock says that’s not how it works.

“I think it’s a great goal but you have to come in with the mindset that it doesn’t change overnight.”

Like any workout, keeping up a goal requires stamina. But most people who set goals don’t make it past the first 6 months of the year.

“Some people start to see that they’re not making that big of a stride, lose faith in the system, and they start to drop off.”

About 45 percent of Americans say they like to set New Year’s resolutions, but only 8 percent of people who do can say they’re confident they succeeded in that goal. Twenty-four percent say they fail every year.

But Vanhook pays attention to other numbers with a fitness journal. He recommends it as a good way to hold yourself accountable.

“It’s an excellent way to track progress so you can flip back and say ok, I ran for 20 minutes this day, I’m going to run for 25 minutes today. Or you know, I benched this much weight so I’m going to bench this much more weight today.”

He also says the buddy system helps.

“Definitely come with somebody else, at least one other person. Because say you’re not feeling up to it that day, they’ll get on you about it and say hey nope you’ve got to get on it let’s go.”

Brock says it’s also a good idea to create smaller goals so you can really feel how far you’ve come.

“Set them up as stairs, I mean you’re trying to get to a destination just hit that first step go to the next one go to the next one keep working your way up.”

Because remember—you have all year.

“It takes time, it takes some change, it takes some effort, and commitment.”

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