Vote by mail concerns


CHAMPAIGN,Ill. (WCIA)- Some already are concerned about the process of voting by mail, and
that’s because some of the applications sent out had an incorrect zip code. Voters have been told to write in the correct zip code when mailing it back. In a Facebook post, the clerk’s office said the applications “have a transposed zip code on the application.”

Voters were instructed to write in the correct zip code, 61802, when mailing back applications. We did confirm with the postal service that the application will eventually get to the clerk’s office, but it will take longer. We spoke with a University of Illinois political science professor, Brian Gaines, who said that the more steps that are added can cause more chances for errors.

“Any given election non-trivial proportion ballots one way or another are not marked correctly or counted correctly, so I don’t want to say that the vote by mail is a different kind of voting, but it is subject to a lot of risks, and other voting isn’t, “said Gaines. There are more steps in the processing, and I think that means inherently, it is a little more likely there will be a mistake.” He does also suggest early voting to help avoid lines if you don’t want to mail in your ballot.

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