MAHOMET, Ill. (WCIA)– A Mahomet man who was on the run was caught in Arkansas by the United States Marshals Service.  

“Over the weekend we located him out of the state in the southern part of the country,” said State’s Attorney Julia Rietz.  

Now he’s in Champaign County Custody accused of a string of crimes, including breaking a police officer’s nose. 

The state’s attorney says 25-year-old Carson Kasbergen was facing several charges when he stopped showing up to court last summer. 

He’s been missing ever since until US Marshals found him in Arkansas and brought him back to Urbana. 

Almost two years ago Kasbergen was charged with unlawful possession of a weapon by a felon, possession with intent to deliver cannabis, and aggravated battery to a police officer. 

The state’s attorney says they haven’t been able to close the cases because he ran 

“We had some run ins with him while he was living here,” said Mahomet Police Chief, Michael Metzler.  

Chief Metzler says his officers are familiar with Kasbergen.  

“He had a Lamborghini at one point and fled from one of our officers and knew who he was and went to the house and waited for him to get home, so he got charged with aggravated fleeing and eluding because he was really flying in that thing,” said Metzler.  

But it’s not the only crime Rietz says Kasbergen committed.  

She says because he’s a felon he can’t own a gun which is what landed him in police custody in March of 2021. 

“Kasbergen was involved in a situation where he dropped his jeep off for some work for detailing,” said Rietz.  

Rietz says the detailer found a gun in his car.  

“That resulted in an investigation where they waited for him to show up to get his car back,” said Rietz.  

Rietz says Kasbergen resisted officers and broke a Champaign police officer’s nose.  

Rietz says after officers arrested the man, they searched his car and found a fully loaded semi-automatic gun and over 20 bags of marijuana. 

“Based on his prior history and our understanding of his financial circumstance we requested that he be held without cash bond,” said Rietz.  

A judge re-evaluated in June of 2021 and set his bond at half a million dollars. 

Only 10 percent of that needed to be paid in order to be released.  

“The next day he posted 50 thousand dollars and was released from custody,”  

Rietz says he did show up to court a few times, until June of 2022 when he failed to appear and left the state.  

A warrant was issued for his arrest, and a months-long investigation finally led to his capture in Arkansas. 

“Kasbergen now is in custody in the Champaign County Correctional Center on that warrant, so we’ll be able to resolve those offenses,” said Rietz. 

Chief Metzler says he’s looking forward to all of this coming to an end. 

“I hope that once he gets back here and resolves the cases there are outstanding against him, he does whatever the punishment is and then takes the opportunity to change his life,” said Metzler. 

Reitz says his Lamborghini and Jeep have been seized, forfeited to the state, and sold in an auction.  

His $50,000 dollar bond has also been forfeited since he failed to appear in court.  

So now over $280,000 dollars have gone to the county for his crimes.  

Champaign police have no comment at this time.