ILLINOIS (WCIA) — Some Illinoisians walked away with millions of dollars in 2022, thanks to winning tickets from the Illinois lottery.

Freedom Oil gas station in Bloomington sold a Lucky Day Lotto ticket in November. The player matched all five of those numbers and won $550,000.

Illinois Lottery said the lucky player is now the 28th person who has won a prize of $500,000 or more with Lucky Day Lotto so far in 2022.

“Excitement and curiosity got the best of me, so I reviewed our store’s recorded videos to see who might have bought the winning ticket,” said Danielle Franks, manager of Freedom Oil on Veterans Pkwy. “However, even after viewing the tapes, I honestly don’t know – but whether it’s a local or out-of-town customer, we are very happy that the ticket was purchased at our store.”

WGN recently reported the five biggest winners in Illinois, mostly in the Chicago area.

Two people, who wished to remain anonymous, won a single winning ticket for the historic Mega Millions jackpot. The ticket was sold at a Speedway in Des Plaines, and the winners selected a single lump sum payment of $390.25 million each before taxes.

An Elgin man won the $12.5 million jackpot in April on a ticket he bought at a liquor store. The store also received a cash bonus of 1% of the prize amount, totaling $125,000.

A winning Illinois Lottery ticket totaling $10.1 million was sold in August through the state’s online lottery ticket purchase platform.

A River Grove man won $4.85 million in October from the Illinois Lottery jackpot. Rich’s Fresh Market, where the ticket was sold, received a cash bonus of $48,500 and WGN reported that the general manager knew the winner.

Another Illinois Lottery player won $4 million in November at a Circle K in Murphysboro. WGN said the player also purchased the game’s multiplier feature which turned $1 million into the $4 million won.