Local turkey farm is ready for the holidays


MONTICELLO, Ill. (WCIA) – This could become the most expensive Thanksgiving dinner ever. The cost of many common staples are soaring. So, we went to the source to find out what’s driving some of those costs and it’s not always what you might expect.

The family at Caveny Farm has been harvesting turkeys for 20 years. Every year they say is different, and they never know what to expect with their turkeys.

They never have to rely on any out-of-country shipping. They get their turkeys at a young age from a farm in New Mexico, and they buy locally.

But they did have to raise the price of their meat this year because the price of corn and soybeans has gone up across the country.

“Even though we buy everything locally, you know we buy corn locally, feed locally, and use local vendors for equipment, and that sort of stuff,” John Caveny, the farmer, said. “We’re not dependent on shipping from offshore sources, but we are subject like anything else that raises a product, even though it’s domestic, it is going to change based on commodity prices and demand, and that sort of thing.”

He said that is half the expense of raising these turkeys, because they have to be fed.

Caveny Farm still has a few birds left if you haven’t gotten your Thanksgiving turkey. You can learn more on their website here.

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