Local schools adjusting to COVID vaccine and testing mandate


CENTRAL ILLINOIS (WCIA) – Danville Superintendent Alicia Geddis said 18 employees haven’t complied with the mandate. Meaning they haven’t submitted a vaccination card and refuse to get tested weekly.

It breaks down to 9 food service workers, 6 teachers, 1 teaching assistant and 2 custodians. That number continues to go down.

Monticello’s Superintendent Vic Zimmerman said things at his district are going well. He said with the options, they didn’t face pushback. Everyone is complying with some part of the mandate. He said more than 90% of employees are vaccinated. Only 18 people within the district take weekly tests.

“We’re happy to have our kids back in school, and nobody likes masks, nobody likes contact tracing, and nobody likes COVID, but we’re doing what we can to be in school. Our teachers are participants in that, and we’re happy to have that compliance.”

He said some of the 18 who are unvaccinated have gotten their first COVID shot. So, they should be fully vaccinated in the next month or so. Meaning they won’t have to submit weekly testing.

We reached out to the Illinois State Board of Education about the mandate. They gave us this statement.

All schools must maintain a record for school personnel employed by the school or school district that identifies them as one of the following: fully vaccinated, unvaccinated and compliant with the testing requirements, or excluded from school premises. All schools must also maintain, as applicable, the following documentation for each school personnel employed by the school or school district: 1) Proof of vaccination against COVID-19. 2) The results of COVID-19 tests.

Schools are not required to report this information to ISBE. However, ISBE will investigate all complaints of noncompliance. Any school or school district that is not complying is jeopardizing the health and safety of its students and educators, and risks state recognition

Jackie Matthews
Executive Director of Communications
Illinois State Board of Education

Now back in Danville, Geddis said anyone who hasn’t complied isn’t allowed on Danville school property per the state.

She said right now, the school is in session, and they plan to keep it that way. They are filling spots with internal and external substitutes.

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