Working in the heat

Local News

CENTRAL ILLINOIS (WCIA)–Those who are working out in the heat are being asked to make sure they’re taking care of themselves. We talked to a lawn care business that says, they take steps to make sure employees are taken care of when it’s hot. The owner says, they stress the importance of taking care of themselves and each other during this time. One step they’re taking is starting work an hour earlier in hopes of getting done before the hottest part of the day.

“We always want to make sure the guys have plenty of water on the truck. They know what to look for, we talk about watching for signs of dehydration. There’s a sign on the door, brink before you’re thirsty. Water is better than pop or soda. Things of that nature,” Corey Berkemann says.

He says, their team is taught other side effects dehydration can have, as well as the signs of heatstroke or exhaustion.

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