Woman warns against “target-practicing” in town

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CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — A woman says someone shot at her photography studio earlier this week. Now, she has a message for others before they play around with guns.

Marsha Dreger wasn’t there when it happened, but if she had been, this would be a much different story.

She thinks they were target-practicing because the bullet hit the back of the building. But she says it doesn’t always matter where you’re aiming when you fire a gun. It can still be deadly.

“I came in to do something in the prop room, and I noticed the floor was littered with dust,” said Marsha.

Dreger’s studio is on Champaign’s west side, near Mattis Avenue. She and her husband, Calvin, said the area rarely gives them trouble.

“We’ve had no incidents or anything like that. It’s been a very quiet neighborhood,” said Calvin.

But that didn’t save her from coming home to this.

“I looked up and I saw this hole. I just assumed something had fallen against the wall,” said Marsha. “It came through the prop room wall, I had both the doors open and it traveled down the hall somehow missed my antique cameras and hit the side of my roll top desk and just sortof dropped there.”

Although she’s happy she wasn’t there, the reality of what could have happened didn’t escape her.

“People don’t realize. I know I didn’t realize how fast and how far a rifle bullet can travel, and that it can go through houses,” said Marsha. “It was just some person probably target-shooting.”

Dreger and her husband want people to know that firing a gun at all, no matter what you’re trying to hit, is dangerous. And a wall won’t protect someone.

“If I’d been standing there working in the prop room, it probably would’ve killed me,” said Marsha.

Lawyers say both state law and city ordinances prevent people from firing a gun in town, unless it’s for self-defense. Anyone who target-practices in town would most likely be charged with reckless discharge of a firearm.

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