Woman robbed while sitting in her car

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CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — A woman was robbed while sitting in her car in her own driveway, but she thinks there is something she could have done to prevent it. 

It happened around 2:30 Thursday morning on Duncan Road in Champaign. Arianna Romo wants to warn others about the dangers and what to do to possibly stop this from happening to you. 

Romo just got home from work and was decompressing in the car before heading inside her home. Of course, she didn’t expect to be robbed. Looking back there is something she would have done differently that could have changed the outcome. 

You may not think to lock your car doors while you are sitting inside. Romo didn’t do that. She says, “All of a sudden I hear somebody open my door from the passenger side.” She recalls a stranger looked right at her then stole her purse that was sitting next to her. “He snatched it and ran away really fast.” 

This was the last thing she expected to happen. Romo says, “I was really scared and I didn’t know what he was going to do to be honest.” The shock of it all set in and then she called police. 

Her next door neighbor, Marietta Turner, was concerned when she heard what happened. She says, “You feel like you’re safe sitting in your car. If you’re sitting in front of your house you really think you’re safe and that nobody is really paying attention to you.” 

This made Turner reconsider her habits. She says, “A lot of times I will start my car, run in the house to get something, and leave it on so somebody could’ve gotten in. It makes you think twice. It does. It’s unfortunate.” 

Through all this, Romo wants others to think twice too. She says, “I’ll lock my doors no matter what, my house doors, everything. It just made me more aware.” 

Police have not found out who did this, and her purse has not been returned. But Romo says one good thing that came out of this is a lesson learned for next time. 

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