Witness speaks out after weekend shooting

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DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — It was a violent weekend across central Illinois. Four shootings in four cities. In Danville, three women were shot near East Main and Park streets.

Today we talked with a woman who says those three women were her friends and family. Domianisha Matchem is still having flashbacks from what she witnessed Sunday morning.

“We was just comin’ out the club, and me and my cousin were on our way to the parking lot where it actually happened,” said Matchem.

Police say three women were shot near Elks Lodge on East Main Street. Witnesses say the suspect was shooting from a car. The victims were Matchem’s cousin and her two friends.

“The one got shot in the hip, and then like I said, my little cousin, she got glazed. The other lady I didn’t see too much,” said Matchem. “Goin’ through that tragedy; goin’ through that over again, hearing shots and being there, it hurts.”

For Matchem, it’s all too familiar. Her son, Devon McClyde was killed three years ago. She says the stories are almost the same.

“I’ve been through this in 2016 with my son. They was innocent people. My son was innocent, ya know? Just tryin’ to run and get out the way, and the same thing just happened again Saturday night.”

She’s not the only one frustrated with hearing about crime.

“Its hard to find safety in these neighborhoods anymore,” said Blake Roach. Roach says he wants to see a change too, but he knows it won’t happen overnight. “It seems like the city’s starting to focus on some of the higher crime-rate areas.”

Matchem says she is also trying to get out of the area. She has one message for this weekend’s shooter: “That don’t make you nothin’ but a coward.”

Police have not arrested anyone. If you have any information about what happened, you’re asked to call them.

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