Wind research team returns from Texas

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RANTOUL —  A  U of I professor’s latest field research took him down south, and he’s finding out how to apply it to the Midwest.

His team went down to Texas to survey Hurricane Harvey damage.

They tried to find out how to better prepare buildings here in central Illinois for the type of strong wind storms we’re more likely to see here, tornados.    

They say one finding they know now is that roofs of buildings need the most protection.

They’re hoping they learn more as they analyze the data, especially since tornados are much harder to study.

“There’s a lot of research left to be done in wind. It’s kind of surprising to me, or it was at one point, that there are so many unanswered questions about thunderstorm loading and tornado loading and how it actually interacts with buildings. The measurements are hard to take because these events occupy such a short period of time in such a small space,” said Justin Nevill, one of the students on the research team.

The engineering students will use the building at their Rantoul research facility to test and apply some of their findings.

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