CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — The City of Champaign issued a snow removal ordinance for residential spots in the downtown and Campustown areas. But there’s confusion about who’s responsible for a busy spot where people walk on the north side.

If you have driven by the Neil Street overpass, over I-74, you’ll notice the road is plowed, but the sidewalk is not. And there’s no other spot for people to walk except for the busy road.

The city released an ordinance requiring people to clear their own sidewalks. They can even be fined for not doing it.

Kris Koester with the Champaign Public Works Department said IDOT oversees plowing overpasses. IDOT said they only plow the overpass itself, and do not shovel the sidewalks.

Neither agency claims responsibility, and when it comes to the snow-covered sidewalk on Neil Street, no one seems to know who should do it.

So, what should pedestrians do?

Be careful when walking.

If the sidewalk is in front of business, the business owner is responsible. If it is a city building, Champaign is responsible for it.

When it comes to a home, the resident is responsible for plowing their own sidewalks.