CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — The federal government is notoriously tight-lipped about investigations. The situation was no different the day after an FBI investigation landed federal officers at a home in west Champaign.

Neighbors told us they were awakened Wednesday by loud pops “like gunshots” around 6 a.m. An apparent raid of the house at the corner of Brentwood and Goldenview Drives was underway.

A representative with the Springfield FBI office wouldn’t say whether investigating officers were there on a search warrant, an arrest warrant, or both. She only said if agents were there, “they obviously found something.”

When it was clear officials wouldn’t reveal anything more, Target 3 reporters went to the house. No one answered the door that was marred by a blunt force object (or objects). The screen door had been pulled from its spring. It sat on the side of the porch.

Nearby neighbors who reporters encountered had never met the people who live in the house.

Most of what we know about what happened Wednesday is what we’ve seen from witness video. An armored police truck, equipped with an apparent battering ram, knocked down a portion of the fence. Officers in helmets and heavy gear entered the house, and a photo of the scene shows, at one point, at least three people were sitting on the back of the police truck with their hands behind their backs.

A spokesperson for the U.S. Attorney’s office for the Central District of Illinois would “neither confirm nor deny the existence of an investigation” stemming back to the federal court.

A search of a nationwide federal court database revealed no federal charges have been filed throughout the state within the last week.

No one was booked into the jails that hold federal inmates from Champaign County Wednesday or Thursday either.

Neither of these discoveries rules out an arrest or a federal case being opened in the days to come. There also remains a possibility that charges trace out of state.