Weekend tornado causes damage to Petersburg property

Local News

PETERSBURG, Ill. (WCIA) — A confirmed tornado ripped through an area north of Petersburg Friday night, wrecking several barns and homes in its path.

Eric bell and his family took shelter when the power went out. 

The Menard county sheriff says no one was hurt in the area. 

Just a couple minutes after they got into the basement, Bell says it was clear something big was about to hit. 

“It wasn’t two minutes after we got down there that our ears started popping, started hearing the loud roar of the wind,” Bell said. “And then heard a big bang. and then it was it was over.”

A barn in Bell’s yard was totally ripped from the ground, and the storm punched a massive hole in the roof of his home. 

“Those who live in the area are accustomed to high winds and seeing storm damage, but everyone agreed they had never seen this much damage done by a storm. 

Bell had just finished a long list of projects on his house, but even though that list just got longer again, he said that’s the furthest thing from his mind. 

“My family was safe, our neighbors were safe. and just just looking at your material possessions. and and just being able to say, well, you know, we just gonna look to move forward and replace what we can,” Bell said.

The tornado also took out some power lines for long stretches in the area. One of the barns near Bell’s farm was for cattle. The cows did get out, but none of them were hurt either in the storms.

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