GIBSON CITY, Ill. (WCIA) — With drought-like conditions affecting Central Illinois, Gibson City is the first and, so far, only community in the region to implement restrictions on water consumption.

The first restriction people are experiencing: watering their lawns, which is now prohibited.

Tyler Martin, the City Superintendent of Gibson City, said that the city has an ordinance regarding water use during emergencies that will restrict consumption in a tier-like system. The city will start enforcing this ordinance on Wednesday and the first tier to experience restrictions is watering lawns and yards.

But if water conditions don’t improve, Martin said restrictions could extend to filling pools and watering gardens.

“Which we hate to do because a lot of the citizens spend a lot of money on their yards here, anywhere,” Martin said. “Same with the pools. We don’t want to have to shut down the pool that we were just getting ready to open next week. But unfortunately, it’s taking a lot longer for the water to accumulate in the wells without the rain.”

Martin said that the ordinance will be enforced by the Gibson City Police Department and Public Works Department.

Mayor Dan Dickey said that Gibson City is not on the Mahomet Aquifer like surrounding communities. As a result, the city is dependent on shallow wells that in turn rely on rainfall. Without normal spring rain, Gibson City is being protective of its water.

Dickey added that it will take a city-wide participation to have the best outcome.