Village to enforce ban on litterbugs

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OAKWOOD, Ill. (WCIA) — This is your last warning from village officials: Pick up your trash or pay up.

The village board is going to start enforcing an ordinance to fine businesses or people who litter. The fine is up to the discretion of police who are now going to be looking for it even more.

You could get a warning, but if you really want to risk it, you could be fined from $100 – $750 each time.

Passing through town would be a waste, but that’s exactly what’s making people drive right by.

“I have a lot of complaints when people come into town about how bad it looks.”

Trash, all along the fences when you’re driving into town.

“For our businesses to be successful, we need it to look clean so people can want to stop off the interstate to get something to eat and gas up.”

While the fingers can be pointed at almost everyone, businesses are mostly to blame.

“We’ve encouraged businesses to make sure their receptacles are closed. If they’re full, they need to schedule an extra pick up.”

Because it eventually does get picked up, by the wind.

“The way the winds blow around here, all the time, you never know what’s going to be in your yard.”

Raymond Myers collects trash from his yard two-to-three times per week.

“Most of them is wrappers that have McDonald’s on them. Even some of their cups.”

Although he tries to stay positive, it’s not enough to keep him happy.

“It’s good exercise. You get tired of it after awhile, but if you want your place to look good, you got to do it.”

An ordinance was created awhile ago stating you can be fined for your trash, especially for businesses not keeping their receptacles closed. But now, it’s being enforced. You could pay up to $750 if you’re caught.

And, don’t think it doesn’t apply to people driving by.

“If an officer or someone catches them doing that, there could also be a fine.”

The village will be talking about plastic bags in March. If the problem isn’t picked up, they’ll be talking about banning them at city council.

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