Village leaders hope water tower will soon be back in use

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STRASBURG, Ill. (WCIA) — This village is trying to get its water tower back online to help keep you safe.

Strasburg decommissioned it five years ago, and firefighters say it could cause some big problems in the future.

When there’s a big fire, there’s usually a concern they won’t get water from those other districts in time. It’s why they’ve been fighting to get it back online soon.

Water was being pumped into the tower when we were there, but Assistant Fire Chief Charles Culver says that’s not usually the case.

“The water tower was taken out of commission because they said it cost too much to repair it.”

Five years have gone by, and new village leaders are renewing the cry to solve the problem.

“Now they are saying it won’t take that much to fix it and put it back into commission.”

Without the tower, the Strasburg Fire Protection District has to haul in water from Windsor or Stewardson to fight fires.

Logistics-wise, it doesn’t make much sense. 

“In a small community like this, we need to have all the firemen on the scene.”

On the good days, Culver says they don’t have to worry much. But people living in town can recall fires that’ve been a little too problematic.

“We’ve had some fires, and we’re having to bring the water in from other areas, I think that’s kind of ridiculous.”

John Cress says one of those fires happened in the shadow of the tower. Cress says he wants it to be re-commissioned.

“It sounds to me like the old one is usable, so I’d like to see them get it back online.”

Village leaders say it’s unclear as to when, or if, that will happen.

“If it was, it would sure be nice. We need one. There’s a lot of people that have realized we need water, I don’t know if it’s going to happen or not.”

The mayor told me he’s working on an agreement to make it happen, he doesn’t have any details for us yet though.

Firefighters told me their main concern is when there’s bad weather and it takes longer for trucks from other towns to get to them.

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