Vigil: Father shares a message to his son’s killer

Local News

DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — Dozens mourned as they stood in the street where a man was murdered. 

People honored the life of a loved one Friday night. A vigil was held for 41-year-old Terry Gaines. He was shot and killed on Tuesday after delivering pizza to a house near Alexander and Madison. Police say it was an attempted robbery and they’re looking for two suspects. 

Gaines’ father told everybody at the vigil that this isn’t a time for tears. He wants people to take that energy and emotion and be better people. His dad can barely look at his son’s picture without feeling the piercing pain of accepting his senseless death all over again. 

His family says what hurts even more is that Gaines was left to die in the street and whoever killed him still hasn’t been arrested. 

Rick Gaines says, “It’s hard. They stole something from me. They stole a part of me. I want him back. They violated me. I can’t wish them any harm, being a man of God. I can only say I’ll pray for them. I whose they would come to Christ but they need to be caught.” 

The resounding message at the vigil was to change the mindset of people who turn to violence instead of peace. 

On June 1st there will be a peace march through the city at 6:00 pm. Organizers say this march will show that people will not give up on ending violence. 

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