CHAMPAIGN, Ill., (WCIA) — One woman and her son are trying to make a change in the community through a car show. Conterrio Brown, one of the organizers, loved cars growing up and he wants to pass his passion down to others. 

On Saturday, they hosted their sixth annual show in Dodds Park in Champaign. They said they want to give kids a unique, hands-on opportunity. 

They’re able to explore different cars, learn about the engines, the paint jobs, and the mechanics. All things they don’t always learn while in the classroom. 

Burnett Lowe, one of the organizers and Brown’s mom, said she hopes kids know they can do anything as long as they put in the effort. 

“Everybody likes the car and everybody likes the bikes. So, what we try to do is do something different and get them involved,” she said. 

They worked with a variety of organizations and invited children to judge the cars. A few years ago, they built and painted a go-kart. 

Now, Brown’s son, Jordan Chapman, is involved and loves cars just like his dad. Chapman said he likes the wheels and the colors the best.

Donavon Drake was one of the participants featured in the show. He said he also learned about cars from his dad. Drake is now passing along his knowledge to his son. They built a car together. 

“We found a motor for it. Transmission. And start putting it together. I took the engine apart, put new parts in it,” Drake said. 

They showed their car in last year’s show, but keep coming back. He wants kids to know that there doesn’t have to be violence. 

“You can do things with your hands instead of being out here in the streets doing bad stuff,” Drake said. 

Ernie VanDyke has six cars and showed off one of his new ones for the first time on Saturday. He said kids always ask him about the motors. 

“What brand it is, how much horsepower it’s got, does it run on alcohol, does it run on gas,” VanDyke said. 

The organizers hope the kids keep asking these kinds of questions. 

Lowe said if kids have a hobby, they should pursue it. Since her son’s hobby was cars, they wanted to focus their efforts on introducing children to them as well.