VILLA GROVE, Ill. (WCIA) — At least eight different car windows have been broken over the past two weeks.

Five cars were damaged Sunday night. All the windows look like they were shot out. Police are investigating if all the vandalism is related. Each time, the cars were downtown or just west of there.

Police say the first few windows reportedly shot out seemed to have been done with pellet guns. There are similar holes in cars shot Sunday night.

This is what Shaunna Winsor saw when she walked to her car: shattered windows and dents from what she believes was gunfire.

“I cried like a little baby, multiple times over the past three hours.”

She called into work and spent the morning on the phone with insurance. They’ll fix the damage, but her deductible is $500.

“I just don’t understand why people would do this. This is just absolutely ridiculous.”

Tim Doherty is the neighbor who alerted her to the damage. Like Winsor’s, his car was one of five hit overnight on Adams Street.

“I walked out to go to work this morning and all my car windows were busted out.”

His deductible is $100. In the meantime, he’s trying to figure out a way to get to work.

“I was just kind of at a loss about it. I don’t know why someone would shoot the windows out of my car for no reason.”

The cars were hit from both the sidewalk and street. Doherty and Winsor say it all seems random, especially because nothing was stolen.

“When they shot the window out on this side, it all fell on my purse. They could have grabbed it and taken off with it. I had cash in it. It was unzipped. They just left it.”

Winsor is thankful her money is safe, but she still hopes to see justice.

“I think they need to get in trouble. Right now, I’m really mad.”

Police say they think the vandals are traveling on foot. They’re looking for those responsible and ask residents to stay vigilant. Anyone with information should call police. 

Villa Grove Police Department
(217) 832 – 2511