URBANA, Ill., (WCIA) — The Urbana School Board is trying to work toward a solution. They’ve been meeting and discussing the future of their Spanish-English Dual Language Program for months. They’re considering merging the program into one school.

Now, the board has action items on the table. They want a plan and on Tuesday, they talked about steps to get there.

It’s been met with pushback before. At previous meetings, some parents said they feel left out of the conversation and are worried about the impact on monolingual families.

Some school board members feel redistricting can help lead them toward a plan. They said they need more input from Latine families in the program too. They also want to talk about current class sizes and how they’d relocate students.

In Tuesday’s study session, one board member said they need a foundation.

Magaly Avila, a kindergarten dual language teacher at Leal Elementary, said she feels having one DL school is the way to go. That’s the school the board is discussing merging the dual language programs into.

“It’ll provide a more safe environment for students to speak freely in whatever language comes. Right now, there are two languages coming through my head, and trying to keep one is challenging at times just because you think in whatever comes naturally,” Avila said.

She said when students feel that way, students can become scared and shy. When they’re in an environment with a teacher that can speak two languages, she thinks they’re more comfortable and can learn more effectively.

Avila also feels more accessible surveys could help gain the perspective of more people, or choose to merge the program to a different school other than Leal.

Tuesday’s school board meeting didn’t result in a clear path forward, but board members were sure to note they weren’t going to stop talking about possible plans.