Urbana Neighborhood organizes cleanup

Local News

URBANA, Ill. (WCIA)–Earth day is coming this Thursday, and one neighborhood in Urbana is getting an early start.

Neighbors in Savannah Green came together Sunday morning to clean up trash in their neighborhood. By the time they were finished, they took just over a dozen’s worth of trash bags with waste off the streets.

Members with the Savannah Green Home Owner’s Association said they were tired of all the excess litter they found throughout the neighborhood. They said most of the garbage they collect comes from people tossing garbage out of their windows as they drive by.

On Saturday, neighbors focused primarily on their own front yards and major streets, while Sunday morning, clean-up crews were scattered all throughout the neighborhood’s parks and ponds.

The president of the local H.O.A. said it’s all about taking pride in the neighborhood. After the recent turnout and success of the event, she said there are plans to organize more cleanups in the future.

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