URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — People were trapped in homes and cars were stuck on the streets. The group from Urbana says they’re lucky to be home.

The flash flooding happened early this morning. Three Urbana high school students and two teachers were among those caught up in it. They landed at the airport after flying in after a conference, then had to drive home.

If they had gotten to saint louis an hour later, they would probably have not made it out.

“You just kind of notice a lot of emergency cars heading… We were going on way and the emergency cars were going the other way. So, I think we got out of St. Louis probably with, I don’t know, probably a half hour to spare maybe,” said Nathan Watson, Urbana driving instructor.

What also helped, Watson is a driver’s ed. teacher.

The group was able to get home just before five a-m.

Watson also noticed way too many drivers speeding in the storm.

Some were hydroplaning right in front them. One almost hit their van.