Urbana Friends of Geese call for more humane forms of Goose population control

Local News

URBANA, Ill. (WCIA)–An activist group known as Urbana Friends of Geese are protesting after one-hundred geese were exterminated in an Urbana neighborhood.

They gathered outside the gates of Beringer Commons and held signs as cars drove by. The neighborhood homeowner’s association exterminated those geese because of overpopulation, but the friends of geese are asking to find non-lethal solutions to control amount of geese in an area.

“This idea of killing in a wide range is just another way to attract more geese,” Susan Parenti, one of the protestors, said. “If you kill the geese here, another flock is just gonna fly in because they see a nesting area they think is in.”

Their asking for neighborhood H.O.A.’s to consider addling geese eggs. It’s a process where you gather goose eggs, sterilize them, and replace those eggs with wooden ones.

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